Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Business of Web 2.0

The Caribbean Institute of Media and Communications (CARIMAC) will be hosting a workshop on Monday May 26 and Tuesday May 27 on the University Campus called the Business of Web 2.0. The workshop is geared towards giving participants knowledge about the new services which are enhancing business communication and collaboration by using technologies which are most times free.

The workshop targets Educators, Students and Marketing/Public Relation Practitioners who are interested in creating an online presence and being proactive in their business plans. David Bain, a Certified Internet Webmaster with seven years of online experience, uses Ameazon as an example of companies that have successfully integrated Web 2.0 into their business model. “[Amazon] popularised user reviews for shopping sites. Now, users can submit video reviews,” Bain says. “The personalisation concept is important in the Web 2.0 way.”

This Web 2.0 way according to Bain is driven by “the idea of the web being a social phenomenon where the user can also be a creator of content.” The new web experience becomes richer and more collaborative.

This new philosophy of heightened interactivity and user generated content has spawned numerous features, among them blogs, podcasts and RSS feeds. These features, and many others, improve user’s personal online experience and aid businesses in developing relationships with clients and customers.

Google, the Goliath of search engines, captured the essence of this webolution with its AdWords advertising service. Google's advertising pitch promises advertisers an audience that is actively looking for information online that matches advertisers’ products. Social networking sites Facebook and MySpace have adopted this model, serving ads based on a user’s profile and preferences.

Bain sees regional people networking via Facebook and watching Youtube videos. He believes, however, that Web 2.0 is not used to its full advantage in the Caribbean. “The Web 2.0 philosophy is yet to be fully embraced by developers of web applications and business operators in this region,” he says.

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