Friday, May 23, 2008

Braddies Bar Open Mic Series

Throughout the course of the past seven weeks Pyramid Entertainment Management Inc in Barbados has been giving upcoming artistes a much needed forum in which to practice and improve their craft.

This company which is more revered for its management of reigning Party Monarch King Lil Rick of Caan Wait Fame, enigmatic Peter Ram and stalwart Biggie Irie have recognized the plight that emerging artistes have faced in getting that much needed experience on stage. It was the recognisation of the shortage of stepping stones for inexperienced artistes which propelled the conceptualization the Open Mic series. These sessions have seen persons performing all genres of music and were also extended to include poets who traditionally do not get the type of exposure which they desire.

Many talented artists were unearthed. These included the energetic Prosperity Yout and talented rapper Vio who brought her electricity to the venue whether on stage or just vocalizing encouragement from within the audience.

The efforts which Pyramid has been making in this area have been repeatedly commended by the artiste and more recently by Jamaican artistes Pinchers who was on the island recently for a show. He also offered words of encouragement and advice to those in attendance.

Registration forms for these sessions which are held on Thursday nights from 9pm until 1am at Braddies Bar in Bath Village in Dover Christ Church Barbados are available online at

Click the following link to view performances

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