Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Serani Inks Two-album Deal

One of dancehall's hottest new artistes, Craig 'Serani' Marsh, has signed a two-album deal with Japan label JVC Entertainment. The producer, now turned singer, says, "It's exciting for me because since I took the decision to add singing to my repertoire, the response has been great."

Serani gained public recognition as a singer when collaborated with Bugle and Movado with hit singles Doh and Dying respectively.

After reaping success there, Serani went on to record a number of other hit songs, among them, Stinking Rich, She Loves Me and Study People. According to Serani, "people have taken on to my songs very quickly, which I am very thankful for." Now, as Serani focuses his attention on his new two-album deal in Japan, he will be moving full speed ahead to ensure the success of these albums. He admitted to being, "very driven, when it comes on to music whichever aspect I am devoted to, making dancehall and reggae bigger worldwide."

Source: Irish and Chin

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