Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mr. Vegas Jumpstarts College Rave Tours

One can always count on popular singjay Mr. Vegas to give an entertaining stage performance. Now, Mr. Vegas' college fan base is getting the rare opportunity of experiencing him live and direct during his multi-city "College Rave" tour.

Mr. Vegas is thrilled with the tour's success as he attracts full venues at each stop along the way. He has rocked the houses of Trinity College, Northeastern University, Spellman College and Buffalo University with just eight remaining colleges to storm. College fans have been extremely receptive to Mr. Vegas' appealing sets, as he keeps them exciting and full of energy -- joined by top notch dancer Boricia Anthony Brown and DJ extraordinaire Bryan Dobson aka Fatta Diamond.

Mr. Vegas boasts a wide catalogue of hits, but it is his electrifying stint of Hot Wuk that propels the crowd into sustained frenzy. At the half-way mark of his set, Mr. Vegas performs the fiery track and advises the crowd that he has brought someone to show the Jamaican authenticity of the dance. Boricia then enters stage and puts a dent in the floor with her sensational moves.

As a vehicle of incorporating the college students into the show, a dance contest is held. Highlights of the tour can be seen on The "College Rave" tour is just one of the many recent accolades under Mr. Vegas' belt.

The past year has been quite rewarding for the popular artist, as he has unleashed hit after hit, shined on stellar remixes with the likes of Kat Deluna/Lil' Kim and Trey Songz. Additionally, Mr. Vegas blazes in the new smash video of Hot Gal Nuh Fight Ova Man, which is in rotation on numerous video outlets.

With much more instore for the fans visit one of the eight remaining schools for the Mr. Vegas "College Rave" tour!

Source: Irish and Chin

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