Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jamaica Music Industry ‘4ever’ Indebted

On Sunday, May 4 the Dodd Family invites all to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the life of Clement "Coxon" Dodd, dubbed the "Father of the Jamaican Music Industry." From the four corners of the globe the interest in the preservation, protection and promotion of his life’s work has been of the highest order, knowing the seminal role that it has and will continue to play for generations to come.

Through his lifetime he witnessed the transmission of Jamaican musical culture to the four corners of the globe with little direct benefit to the 'folk' of Jamaica as creators and inspirers. However, the ultimate emergence of the Jamaica Recording and Publishing Company has presented the opportunity to re-invent and preserve the wheel of creative expressions.

As such the Dodd Family is embarking on what is currently known as a 360 Degrees Project of his work that will be built on the storytelling of this legendary tale of creative expression that will be layered into the current music industry mode of digital infrastructure and delivery and expressed through publishing, merchandising, films and events.

Through this historical maze, the unfolding of the music catalog will take place that will re-align its original purpose and intellectual property rights in a manner befitting the role that this body of work has played and continues to play for the Jamaican people and culture. This will be done in partnership with various local and international firms with the one caveat being that the expression and the will of the Jamaican people, that this is their ‘Island In The Sun’ will be upheld.

Its unfolding in 2009 will kick off the proposed national celebration of 50 Years of Reggae Music, with a January 26, 2009, birthday unveiling of the commissioned bust and the launch of the development of the Studio One Museum, itself a multi-layered experience.

Source: Studio One Foundation

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